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Train the teachers

EFIL aims to train and support teachers to effectively integrate life skills education into their classroom teaching. The organization provides various training programs and resources covering topics such as experiential learning, communication skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving. EFIL also focuses on building a community of practice among educators through networking events and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. The organization believes that teachers play a crucial role in promoting holistic development among students and creating a positive impact. By empowering teachers to become effective agents of change, EFIL is working towards creating a generation of students equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in a changing world.

This program is implemented in three phases. Teachers interested in instituting Life Education programs for grades One to Ten can participate in this program.

Leadership development for Principals

This workshop is for school principals and institution heads to improve their leadership skills and bring about positive change within their organizations. The Evolutionary Leadership model is used to address gaps in individual and institutional dimensions. The program objectives include understanding the meaning of vision and values, learning conflict management, and developing a high-performance culture. Participants receive a Vision Value Profile and a Value Profile report to understand their values orientation as a leader, follower, and colleague. The workshop aims to nurture competencies such as strategic leadership, self-development, and integrity.

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The cause for conflict and the lack of synergy is due to the gaps at various levels of one’s existence. There are three critical gaps that exist within the Individual and the Institution:

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Parent Workshops

This is a workshop for parents to improve their relationship with their children and enhance their parenting skills. It aims to explore parenting beliefs, build a nurturing culture within the family, and facilitate effective communication between parents and children. The objective is to move from stressful parenting to effortless parenting, especially in today's changing world context. “A one-day interactive Workshop for parents to explore their beliefs on parenting and make their relationship more enriching and fulfilling” In today's ever-changing world context, 'Parenting' no longer is 'child's play'. What used to be a very natural phenomenon has become complicated and has taken up many dimensions with paradoxical expectations from both parents and children about each other’s roles and responsibilities. With parenting, schooling, and 'growing-up' scenarios going through a paradigm shift, it becomes imperative that parents understand the true meaning of this relationship and do all that they can to be more effective and genuinely enjoy the process of parenting. Takeaways •Explore beliefs on parenting and parent-child relationships •Understand what goes into building an evolving relationship with children •Build a nurturing culture within the family to enhance the quality of interactions •How to talk to children so that they listen and how to listen so that they talk •Facilitate the movement from 'stressful parenting' to 'effortless parenting'

Open-theme workshop using Discovery

Discovery is a unique self-reflection tool created by Dr. J M Sampath. Thoughtfully designed using parables from multiple cultures, it aims to introduce basic human values and initiates the process of self-inquiry, which takes care of the need to learn to learn. The Discovery workshop allows the group to choose a theme that they want to explore based on their group dynamics and team requirements. The workshops are suitable for various groups such as students, professionals, and family members. The diversity helps one appreciate several perspectives of life and the insightful interactions increase one’s gamut of understanding.

Leadership Development Program for Students

The Leadership Development Program for Students in EFIL (Education for Integrating Life) is a comprehensive program designed to develop leadership skills in students. The program is aimed at students in grades nine and ten who have shown a strong interest in leadership and have demonstrated the potential to be leaders. The program is divided into three phases. In phase one, students undergo an assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Based on the assessment, they are given individualized coaching to develop their leadership skills. They are also provided with opportunities to participate in leadership-related activities such as workshops, seminars, and team-building exercises. In phase two, students are given more responsibility and are put in charge of planning and executing leadership-related events. They are also given the opportunity to lead a team and to mentor younger students. In phase three, students are expected to take on more challenging roles, such as organizing and leading a community service project. They are also given the opportunity to participate in national and international leadership conferences and workshops. Throughout the program, students are mentored by experienced leaders and educators who provide guidance and support. The program also emphasizes the development of key leadership skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and teamwork. The goal of the Leadership Development Program for Students in EFIL is to develop well-rounded, responsible, and effective leaders who are equipped to make a positive impact on their communities and the world. The program is highly regarded for its ability to provide students with the skills and experiences needed to succeed in a variety of leadership roles, both in school and beyond.

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