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EFIL is an initiative with a clear direction to provide objective Life Education by designing and delivering concepts, services, and product interventions that help enable Evolutionary Excellence.

Their flagship program, EQUBE, focuses on emotional intelligence, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and personal responsibility. EFIL also provides teacher training, curriculum development, and consulting services. The organization emphasizes experiential learning as essential for developing critical life skills.



Education for Integrating Life to enable evolutionary excellence

Our philosophy centers around Vision, Values, and Learning that become the roadmap in any kind of evolution towards excellence. When these are connected appropriately with clarity, conviction, innovation, focus, farsightedness, and alignment, the outcomes are quality, value addition, leadership, and evolution.


We empower the institutions by strengthening its fabric - weaving its purpose, its processes, and its minds, all the while adopting a child-centric approach. EFIL values Openness, Integrate Learning, Self-Governance, Credibility, Integrity, and Mutual Respect. EFIL seeks to create an Inclusive Learning Environment where all students feel respected and valued, promote Diversity, and encourage Personal Responsibility and Ethical Behaviour.

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EFIL Operations

EFIL has its presence in Bangalore, Coimbatore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bhopal, Orissa, and Uttarakhand.


In EFIL South

  • Sri Kumarans Institutions (CBSE, ICSE, and State)

  • The Samhita Academy (Bangalore and Coimbatore)

  • The Shriram School (Chennai)


In EFIL North we have worked with

  • The Heritage School, Rohini,

  • The Shriram School, Noida

  • The Shriram Universal School, Hyderabad,

  • The Shriram Universal School, Palava, Mumbai

  • The Gurukul School, Kashipur

  • The Shriram School, Gurgaon

  • The GIS, Maldives

  • The Shri Ram Schools – Delhi & Aravalli

  • The Shri Millennium Schools – Noida, Faridabad & Gurgaon;

  • Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon

  • Ramjas School, Delhi

  • MRG School, Rohini

  • JMP School, Delhi

  • SR Capital School, Delhi


EFIL reaches out to over 13000 students annually, mostly through Train the Trainer Module.

EFIL has also been working in the North in the space of building maturity and synergy in teams. Some of our work includes:

Extensive work done over many years with Shri Educare Limited through annual workshops for ‘Embedding Personal Excellence – Workshop for Teacher Maturity and Capacity Building.’


Other workshops have been with

● World Bank Projects for Government of Karnataka, focused on Infrastructure, Health and Education sectors.


● Designing School Leadership Development Program for Karnataka Government with Azim Premji Foundation,              Bangalore


● Curriculum development on 10 Life skills for EDC and SSA called Baalona Banni reaching all government schools.


● Ahvaan for ‘Capacity Building Workshops’ for their operations team


● ‘Scaling Newer Height’ through Stronger Leadership’ for Senior Management Team of The Shri Millennium Schools


● ‘Nurturing Excellence, An Inside Out Way’ for The Shri Ram Universal School, Rohtak


● ‘Teacher’s Capacity Building through Vision Value Alignment’ at Confluence School, Uttrakhand


● EFIL has been conducting workshops ‘Dare to Dream and Achieve’ with class IX & X

    students of GIS, Maldives, and Gurukul, Kashipur, and TSUS, Rohtak. The workshops equip the students with tools
    to look far ahead and also delve deeper to create a synergy in their every step.

EFIL stands for Education for Integrating Life, derived by spelling LIFE backward! 

EFIL is an initiative with a clear direction to provide objective Life Education by designing and delivering concepts, services, and product interventions that help enable Evolutionary Excellence.

Dr. Sampath & Dr. Kalpana founded Arpitha Associates ( three decades ago. Arpitha is a Center for Human Excellence that works with organizations around the world. When Sampath and Kalpana conducted workshops at various organizations, the participants often expressed the wish to have had the interventions when they were young. And this echoing need marked the birth of EFIL –the conviction to work with young minds and prepare them for life. Dr. Sampath, an Ashoka Fellow (, has dedicated his life to develop this school of thought that addresses every individual’s need to be on the exciting journey of excellence. 

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