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Social Entrepreneurship,
Social Consciousness &

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EFIL stands for Education for Integrating Life, derived by spelling LIFE backward!
We work towards developing Social Entrepreneurship, Social Consciousness & Empathy in children

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” – A Chinese proverb
We aim to inspire young minds to help others help themselves and positively impact the world. 

“...there is such a thing as perfection...and our purpose for living is to find that perfection and show it forth...Each of us is, in truth, an unlimited idea of freedom. Everything that limits us, we have to put aside.” -  Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull 

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EFIL is an initiative with a clear direction to provide objective Life Education by designing and delivering concepts, services, and product interventions that help enable Evolutionary Excellence.

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Education for Integrating Life to enable evolutionary excellence.


  • Purpose larger than Self

  • Openness

  • Integrate learning

  • Self-Governance

  • Credibility

  • Integrity

  • Mutual respect


We believe in working with causes to bring about deep, meaningful, and lasting change. It is vital to enable a child to dream of their vision, foster in them the belief to live by their values and remain life-long learners to evolve into exceptional human beings.


We empower the institution by strengthening its fabric - weaving its purpose, its processes, and its minds, all the while adopting a child-centric approach. We address the decision-makers, principals, teachers, students, and the parent community with thoughtfully designed programs.


Dr. Sampath JM

Managing Director

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A voracious learner by nature, Sampath has dedicated his life in the quest for excellence in all spheres of human activity. He believes that, clarity about one’s values will help one understand one’s behavior and make change processes more effective. He has designed and developed evolutionary leadership excellence model and a number of tools and process which facilitates vision – value alignment in an individual’s life. Dr. Sampath, an Ashoka Fellow (, has dedicated his life to develop this school of thought that addresses every individual’s need to be on the exciting journey of excellence. His modules and tools have helped thousands of individuals and corporates to understand themselves over the past four decades. He is also an angel investor with several organizations from Ayurveda, IT to publishing. Sampath is an author of four books with patent for Life Orientation Instrument.


Dr. Kalpana Sampath


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Trained classical dancer, Actor, writer and HR learning and development professional, Kalpana for over three decades has been helping individuals and organizations to mould their vision and elucidate their values. She heads EFIL Educational Services. She has been working with several sectors in the industry from corporate personnel, the government sector to working with children and schools as an Education, Leadership, and Management consultant.  She holds senior positions in Social work forums, NGOs and promotes women entrepreneurship. She is a regular writer for leading newsletters and magazines, author of six books on Social Entrepreneurship.   

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The values that were taught in the preceding EQUBE classes captured the essence of efficient and correct planning, along with effective implementation. These values acted as a catalyst in helping me to converting dreams into vision and ultimately achieving the targeted goals set for the year 2022. These classes have assisted me in enforcing discipline in my work, studies and life, along with following ethical values. It helped me to analyse the importance and need for healthy competition and knowing the then boundary and subtle difference between a Master of Circumstances. The activity and illustration depicted in this book ignited the spark of knowing more about myself. This book (LB4) has been of great help and worked miracles for me in my life! Looking forward for another year of learning with values. Infinite thanks to my EQUBE teacher who helped me understand the concepts provided in this book and our school for providing me with an excellent opportunity for utilising my life to the fullest!

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