Open-theme workshop using Discovery


    Discovery is a unique self-reflection tool created by Dr. J M Sampath. Thoughtfully designed using parables from multiple cultures, it aims to introduce basic human values and initiates the process of self-inquiry, which takes care of the need to learn to learn. 

    The Discovery workshop allows the group to choose a theme that they want to explore based on their group dynamics and team requirements. The workshops are suitable for various groups such as students, professionals, and family members. The diversity helps one appreciate several perspectives of life and the insightful interactions increase one’s gamut of understanding. 

    The methodology adopted is primarily semi-structured wherein enough scope is provided for the deeper human processes to emerge. The small group activities are designed so as to enable an individual to look into their own inner self with a clear purpose to understand themselves and human processes. Audio and Video clippings are used to drive home the points.  

Objectives of the sessions -

  • To understand the meaning of Values
  • To understand the importance of imparting Life skills to children in value education
  • To gain clarity on formation of values
  • To understand the cause and effect relationship in value formation
  • To learn how to work with cause than with effect to bring about a deep change
  • To learn the impact of story telling in initiating a process of self enquiry
  • To understand ‘Discovery’, its usage in various context.