Workshop on Parenting


  This is an interactive workshop for parents to explore their beliefs on parenting and make their relationship more enriching and fulfilling.

In today's ever-changing world context, 'Parenting' no longer is a 'child's play'. What used to be a very natural phenomenon has become complicated and has taken up many dimensions with paradoxical expectations from both parents and children about each other’s roles and responsibilities. With parenting, schooling, and 'growing-up' scenarios going through a paradigm shift, it becomes imperative that parents understand the true meaning of this relationship and do all that they can to be more effective and truly enjoy the process of parenting.

Objectives of the sessions -

  • Explore beliefs on parenting and parent-child relationships
  • Understand what goes into building an evolving relationship with children
  • Build a nurturing culture within the family to enhance the quality of interactions
  • How to talk to children so that they listen and how to listen so that they talk
  • Facilitate the movement from 'stressful parenting' to 'effortless parenting'