Leadership Development for Institution Building 

This is a workshop intervention designed for principals and institution heads of  schools. The primary focus of any Institution is to excel in whatever it intends to do, for this is a sure way of fulfilling the purpose of its existence and ensuring the well-being of all stake holders. Continuous improvement in every aspect of the institution is the mantra to succeed. Evolutionary Leadership is built based on the model below:

The cause for conflict and the lack of synergy is due to the gaps at various levels of one’s existence. There are three critical gaps that exist within the Individual and the Institution:

The Leadership Development for Institution Building is a powerful 5-day workshop linked with action-oriented plans. The workshop addresses the primary dimensions of Aligning Vision and Values. A customized, 1-hour feedback analysis is provided by the facilitators to each participant in the week following the workshop. The entire process enables the participant to delve in depth and identify the areas for immediate intervention, both at the Self and Institution-Leader levels.

Program Objectives
  • Understand the Evolutionary Leadership model and the elements that nurture Evolutionary process in a Leader
  • Understand the meaning of vision and values and learn how to work with causes than effects to bring about deep change
  • Understand what it means to be a High Vision - High Value leader and institution
  • Understand The DNA of Decision Making process
  • Gain feedback on one’s value profile and the way one handles his/her Freedom, Relationship, Power and Influence, Learning and Honesty & Integrity as a leader, collaborator, follower and friend and the implications of the same.
  • Align the gaps at various levels in order to converge one’s energy to achieve the set goals
  • Understand conflicts and learn how to deal with them
  • Understand the learning process and learn how to learn – a skill which is critical for every person in today’s competitive world
  • Initiate the movement from being a knowledgeable person to being a wise person
  • Learn how to be developmental than detrimental in one’s role as a leader and evolve a high performance culture

Vision Value Profile 

The Individual Profile gives the participants the extent of balance/imbalance between their Vision and Values, its implications, and the recommended action items. Development plans would be formulated based on the Vision-Value placement. This document would be given to the individual participant only.

Value Profile – (Individual and Group)

Every participant gets their Value Profile along with a detailed report that clearly indicates the areas of strength and the areas of concern. Every participant would get an in-depth understanding of their own values orientation as a leader, colleague, and follower derived out of the value profile instrument. During one to one coaching sessions, each of the participants will work on their development plans.

In addition to VVI and VPI profiles, the other outcomes from the workshop include:

  • Deeper understanding the meaning of Vision and Values 
  • Clarity on where one stands with regard to the vision-value matrix and the implication of the same
  • Ways to bridge the gap within and thus bring synergy in one’s efforts
  • In-depth understanding of one’s own values orientation as a leader, colleague, and follower - derived using the value profile instrument
  • Better understanding of what it takes to live up to one’s potential
  • Clarity on being a mindful learner and the ability to identify mindless activities
  • Managing other’s intelligence effectively and optimizing results while working in a team
  • Drawing inspiration from within to achieve and excel

Competencies this program aims to nurture 

  • Being result-oriented
  • Strategic leadership
  • Institutional agility
  • Integrity and trustworthiness
  • Context-sensitivity
  • Self-development
  • Planning, Organizing, and coordinating
  • Time sense
  • Learning to learn
  • Self-confidence