Teaching ‘Understanding’

 If only we could live out of understanding, many of our problems could have been sorted out before even they showed up. In the race of accumulating knowledge, one has lost to a great extent the ability to understand what one learns. This workshop aims to explore what goes into teaching understanding and how it enhances the joy of learning. Focus areas:

  • What prevents learning?
  • What goes into understanding what we learn?
  • What is the difference between mindless and mindful learning?
  • How to teach understanding to children to kindle their insights than teach knowledge
  • To develop lesson plans based out of understanding

Workshop will have two phases.  The phase – 1 will focus on learn to learn. The phase 2 will help teachers review their lesson plans.

Objectives of the sessions -

  • To understand the education context and see the implications of one's own frame of reference to change.
  • To understand how competition is handled in most competitive context.
  • To understand learning and learn how to learn
  • To gain clarity on the process of learning.
  • To understand the distinction between mindless and mindful learning
  • To facilitate the movement from being a knowledgeable person to a wise person.
  • To learn the tools that enable enquiry process in self and students
  • To develop class lesson plans at understanding – insight level