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Tools and Processes

EQUBE flow: Life Book 1 to 6 – Grade 5 to 10


5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

Life Book Series

Life Book 1

Life Book 2

Life Book 3

Life Book 4

Life Book 5

Life Book 6


Building vocabulary on values Learning from life stories Understanding multiple perspectives and facets of values


Process of conclusions and belief formation

Learning to modify beliefs

Identify beliefs in several spheres of life

Learning to learn

Understanding Mindful learning

What limits continuous learning

Observation cycle

Learn to be Master of circumstances (MC)

power of vision-value alignment and

Identify career as means to vision fulfillment

Learn to give and receive feedback

Action – perception gap

Understand  Achievement, relationship, leadership, learning and integrity orientation

Evolutionary excellence model 

Ability to go beyond self

Social Action Projects (SAP) connecting capabilities

Tools and Process techniques

Effective Zone

Learning from life stories

Working with  cause template

Identifying conclusions and beliefs


5 W1H enquiry 6 ‘why’ test Observation cycle

14 distinctions of mindless Vs mindful learning

Roadmap to vision

Handling competition – 5 friends

Intention-Action gap High Vision – High Values

Johari window

5 integration worksheets for 5 orientations

Action – perception gap using value profile Self- assessment

5D of project management

Vision road map

SAP process

Win Win value conflict resolution