Description of the life education module and process

The module is based on the concept of Evolutionary Excellence Model (Sampath, 1998)


This concept stems from a belief that all human beings innately move on the path of Excellence, which requires four critical cornerstones – Vision, Values, Learning and Excellence. 

Vision provides a sense of direction to life - where to go?

Values determine the choice or the path taken to move towards the vision

Learning makes the journey continuous by enabling clarity at every stage

The journey towards excellence is an ongoing evolutionary process and therefore excellence is not a destination but the milestones that are achieved in the journey.

To connect these cornerstones there are six bridges that are processes that have to be followed on an ongoing basis. The EQUBE program to impart the evolutionary excellence concept employs:

  • Experiential learning through multi-sensory learning aids
  • Participative classroom processes with experience sharing
  • Role plays, group discussions, behavioral games
  • Process of self-enquiry using parables and learning from real life
  • Deeper level reflection and introspection
  • Multiple art-forms for self-expression

The following teaching guidelines determine the structure and delivery of the module:

Facilitate – No prescription

Children from the consciousness era are largely conscious and explorative in their learning.

‘The Past cannot teach the present about the responses to the Future’ (sampath, 2008)

Every session in EQUBE is designed to facilitate the enquiring mind to understand the implication of the choices one makes in life. Hence, teachers are more facilitators and they explore the various alternatives in life through understanding its implications.

Work with cause

As adults, to bring in change, one needs to work with those that ‘cause’ the behavior rather than behavior itself. Every human being has coded themselves with millions of conclusions that turn into beliefs which govern the behavior. While some of these beliefs are known, some are unknown and still they continue to govern the behavior (Sampath 1999).

In children, it is essential to intervene at the coding level and give them the understanding of the process itself. Then, they have a higher possibility of sowing the right seeds and knowing how to weed out the unwanted plants.

Awareness is one step ahead. The program is focused on bringing in awareness in children towards multiple perspectives available in life. After that deeper level of reflections happen as they grow and their sensitivity towards life increases.

Edutainment as a process model enables the learning to be easily accepted. Intertwined with play, sharing become natural and learning is stress-free.

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