Life Education - Through a process of self-reflection and leadership development

The need for Life Education

In an era filled with unlimited information and knowledge, it is important that schools assimilate the information they receive and integrate it to inspire productive outcomes. Unfortunately, learning is equated with the mere accumulation of knowledge rather than the understanding of its essence. In a competitive environment with constant pressure on enhancing individual performance, there is a need for more individuals who are wise rather than knowledgeable. Until schools are able to guide the students to be leaders, the process of education remains incomplete. And schools can achieve this only if the people who are in education as Principals and teachers are true learners and have high clarity on their Individual and Institutional Vision and Values. 

The 21st century holds a lot of promise for all and the student community in particular. With lot of emphasis on upgrading the school curriculum in line with the current technology and development, schools today are evolving into knowledge centers of high standards of academic content. There is however a gap between the expectations of the individual coming out of our education systems and the societal needs at large. Throughout the education process, the student is exposed to lot of academic content but is less in touch with their inner-self and the real society outside. When the individual is suddenly exposed to the “real world” outside the school environs, they have to tackle the same according to what seems best possible in the given situation. This eventually results in lot of struggle for the individual, and the society also does not benefit from the individual to the extent expected. Only a very few who are able to face up to the challenges based on their own personal will are able to achieve their goals. The rest of the student community lands up in places where their capacities are not used to the fullest.

The government schools and the aided schools form a significant part of the education sector. While they receive a lot of training and support with teaching aids, there is very less emphasis on Life education. Most initiatives in the education sector do not analyze or not factor in the maturity levels of principals and teachers. The success of the present day school thrives on performance results in terms of the subjects and not on the ability of the school to equip children to face life and grow up to be whom they are born to be.

Therefore, Education needs to go beyond the academic realms and prepare students for the important chapter called LIFE. Apart from giving the students knowledge, education should address their VISION, and VALUES, and make them life-long LEARNERS. Hence there arises a significant need for a well-designed program of this nature to be integrated into the academic routine. Our programs are thoughtfully designed and developed based on the three cornerstones of Vision, Values, and Learning, to help students move towards Excellence in all dimensions of their life.

While attempting to build quality in education, it has to be multi-pronged. Our approach is to encompass the principals, teachers, and students – all stakeholders in the education space.