Dr. J M Sampath
Managing Director

A voracious learner by nature, Sampath has dedicated his life in the quest for excellence in all spheres of human activity. He believes that, clarity about one’s values will help one understand one’s behavior and make change processes more effective. He has designed and developed evolutionary, leadership and excellence model and a number of tools and process which facilitates vision – value alignment in an individual’s life. His modules and tools have helped over 25,000 individuals to understand themselves over the past 25 years. He is also an angel investor with several organizations from Ayurveda, IT to publishing.

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Dr. Kalpana Sampath

Trained classical dancer and a HR professional, Kalpana for the last 22 years has been helping individuals and organizations to mold their vision and elucidate their values. She has been working with several sectors in the industry from corporate personnel, government sector to working with children and education as an Education, Leadership, and Management consultant. She heads the research and content wing of Arpitha and efiL. She has developed tools and a regular writer for cutter, conversations and leading magazines. Kalpana hold a master’s degree in classical dancing and a seasoned theater artist with extensive experience in directing plays for national television network.

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Anuradha Shivkumar
Head and Senior Faculty – EQUBE Program 

 Anuradha holds master’s degree in Forensic Science, Criminology, Public Administration, and Literature with three years of professional experience as a scientist in a forensic lab in Chennai. She worked as a NIE consultant with Times of India for five years and as a spoken English trainer for six years. Anuradha has over 17 years of experience in working with children and has developed a unique way to reach children. She is passionate about wanting to make a difference and believing that children are the ultimate change makers. Being a voracious reader, Anuradha loves to interact with people from all age groups.

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Vandana Mallik

With expertise in e-Learning, Business Process Optimization, Solution Design at the enterprise level and its automation, defining IT strategy and in managing client and vendor relationships. Strong international working experience in IT having worked in India, US and Thailand, of which 2 years was with Florida Power & Light, a Fortune 100 company. Vandana led the effort of developing and implementing ‘Disha’, a life education program for India’s working population at the bottom of the pyramid. This program went on to become the industry benchmark in the vocational education space for the underprivileged and less educated.

Prathaap B

 From being a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force for three years to becoming a master black belt in ‘Lean Six Sigma’, Prathaap has been a voracious learner for knowledge and excellence throughout his life that has led him to be a specialist in being an Entrepreneur, Strategist, Methodology and Framework architect, Consultant, Compliance management, Design, Process Control, Improvement & Re-engineering Certifications, Coach & Trainer. He is warm and affable by nature and his high level of patience and endurance which has made him to reach out to all ages and levels of professionals. He is an interesting orator and easily reached out to children through technology and process management.

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Prabhat Ramesh

Having over 15 years of IT experience, Prabhat has set up and managed documentation – services company, Offshore Development Centres (ODCs). He has mentored over hundred aspiring and experienced technical writers, conducted workshops on writing skills for various organizations. Being as alumni of IIM Bangalore, Prabhat has extensive experience in Technical and Marketing Communication, Creative Writing, and Technical Editing.


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Seetha Lakshmi Pradeep

Trained Montessori teacher, Seetha has over seven years of experience as a senior marketing executive. She has been associated with EFIL as a senior facilitator. Being a keen listener and continuous learner, she brings in a unique flavor of reflection amongst the students in the class.

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Girish N. R

An Electronics and Communication Engineer by Qualification and having four years of professional experience, Girish turned towards the development sector to follow his passion. His first detour from the regular path took him to Azim Premji Foundation (APF) and hooked him to the public education system and rural education. Girish has over three years of experience in the education sector. He has the privilege of interacting with some of the eminent educationists of India. 

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Sandhya Prakash

A qualified education counselor with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Sandhya has over 18 years of experience in the education sector as a teacher, soft skill trainer and career counselor. She has been working with young adults to develop realistic and financially feasible college plans. Adept at educating students in decision-making, research and career exploration, in tune with the needs of students from a variety of academic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Sandhya has a proven track record of guiding and mentoring students to have an individualized career plan. She has been associated with EFIL as a senior facilitator. 

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