Leadership Training Handbook for Madrasa Heads - An EDC collaboration project

The objective of this initiative was to design and develop a Handbook for Madrasa Leaders, in English and Urdu.

Reach/Impact of this initiative

Around 50 Madrasa Heads

The Purpose of the handbook

  • A valuable resource for the holistic development of Madrasa as a robust and efficient organization.
  • A Self-improvement journal to help a Madrasa Head grow into an effective leader and contributor.
  • A timely reference guide to help a Madrasa Head network with key people, initiatives and organizations to take forward the vision of the Madrasa.
  • Identify your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES
  • HONE and DEVELOP your strengths and OVERCOME your limitations 
  • Identify NEW QUALITIES which you need to develop further.
  • APPLY and INTEGRATE the learnings towards the betterment of the Madrasa.

Challenges – stepping stones to success

As a leader and educator, you are faced with new and varied challenges throughout the year. It could be in the form of periodic bottlenecks like non-availability of funds, lack of admissions or it could be long term challenges like building physical infrastructure, managing teacher retention, getting community support etc. 

Whatever is the nature and extent of these challenges, bottle necks and difficulties, each of you would agree that these are a vital part of any growing entity. Though you hardly have a choice to avoid them, you have the complete choice and power to deal with them in a way it turns to your advantage. As a leader, you have to understand that these very issues and challenges can become valuable stepping stones if they are dealt with in the right way and used as an opportunity to learn from.  

Hence this manual is a guide to help you:

  • IDENTIFY challenges
  • ANALYSE them
  • DEAL with them in the most APPROPRIATE manner
  • LEARN from them 
  • CONVERT the learnings into a valuable platform for growth.