Education Development Centre - Audio Series

    The main content used for the audio series is based on our concepts and work over two decades. These understandings form the essence of the content and are reinforced time and again in relevant contexts, throughout the audio series. The series is in Kannada language and medium of instruction is in Kannada.

Reach/Impact of this initiative

Nearly 30,000 government schools across the Karnataka State 


Working with cause: Our content revolves around the understanding that for any significant and sustainable change to take place, one has to work with the causes and not the symptoms. Working with the symptoms would solve the problem temporarily but doesn’t bring any lasting benefit. 

In the life education context, this understanding is extrapolated to our values and beliefs. ‘Values are nothing but the beliefs we hold within us that guide our action in any given context. Some of these beliefs are known, while others are unknown, yet they govern my actions.’ One of the main processes followed is to decipher one’s beliefs and modify them or form new ones that are facilitative to the context. Working with the behavior would be dealing with the symptoms, whereas tackling beliefs would be working with causes for sustaining results. Understanding the process of belief formation empowers and leaves the individual with a facilitative choice.

Inside out approach & Implication theory: All our processes and content are based on an inside-out approach. It is our strong belie that real change would take place only when the realization to change appears in the individual. Hence it is important to feel the need for learning and change from within to be able to take accountability for the same. Another important dimension is the ‘implication theory’, which states that every choice one makes has certain implication and when I am aware of the same, my choices are much more mindful and appropriate. Also, when I take accountability for my choices and actions, I am ready to face the implication that follows and learn from whatever it presents in the life context.

Learning through parables: Stories and parables are a powerful medium to provide an external trigger to start the process of self-enquiry towards introspection and ultimately internalizing the learning for self. The premise considered is that life is nothing but a series of stories in the form of experiences and the characters in the story are nowhere outside of us. What we learn from these stories start to become a part of us in the way it manifests in our behavior. Being mindful of the same enables each of us to be lifelong learners and evolve with every passing frame of life. Hence learning through parables and stories not only adds interest to the learning but takes them on the journey of self-discovery. The process moves from the experiential level (identifying stories in life) to introspective level (internalizing the learning).