EFIL - Education For Integrating Life




Education For Integrating Life


 stands for Education for Integrating Life, derived by spelling LIFE backward! 

EFIL is an initiative with a clear direction to provide objective Life Education by designing and delivering concepts, services, and product interventions that help enable Evolutionary Excellence.

Dr. Sampath & Dr. Kalpana founded Arpitha Associates (www.arpitha.com) three decades ago. Arpitha is a Center for Human Excellence that works with organizations around the world. When Sampath and Kalpana conducted workshops at various organizations, the participants often expressed the wish to have had the interventions when they were young. And this echoing need marked the birth of EFIL –the conviction to work with young minds and prepare them for life. Dr. Sampath, an Ashoka Fellow (www.ashoka.org), has dedicated his life to develop this school of thought that addresses every individual’s need to be on the exciting journey of excellence.